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E-Mail Netiquette Guidelines

Be clear and specific

Make sure the subject line (e-mail) or title (web page) reflects your content.

Use appropriate language

Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS - it's equal to shouting or screaming.

Be brief

If your message is short, people will be more likely to read it.

Make a good impression

Your words and content represent you; review/edit your words and images before sending.

You are not anonymous

What you write in an e-mail and web site can be traced back to you.

Be Aware

If you see illegal or inappropriate content tell an adult.

Obey copyright laws

Don't use others' images and/or content without permission. Cite others' work you use.

Don't Flame

Deal with negative topics in person.

Do not send SPAM

(SPAM is unsolicited e-mail or postings, often advertising messages to a wide audience.)

Don't forward chain letters



When e-mailing a teacher

Research First

Did you speak with your teacher? Did you check the "No Name" box? Is this a question better suited for a discussion board?

Be Respectful

Keep your tone appropriate. Keep your message free of slang, jargon, emoticons and Internet abbreviations.

Be Specific

In the subject line include the specific assignment and the period.

Be Patient

Allow two school days for your teacher to respond. If you are in a hurry, ask the teacher in person or ask a study buddy your question or post it to a discussion board.


Above guidelines adapted from the Study Guides and Strategies website.